Healogics Photo+ improves image acquisition and documentation with its wound camera functionality.

Healogics Photo+ is a downloadable mobile software application to help with the diagnosis and treatment of wounds by automating measurement and capturing photographs. It is available in WoundSuite® and offers significant benefits for wound tracking.

It allows planimetric wound measurements to be targeted, calculated and uploaded within seconds, dramatically improving image acquisition and documentation both pre- and post-wound debridement. By directly uploading wound photos into the cloud, Decision Support eliminates the need to store images locally on devices and enhances security and HIPAA compliance.

  • Replaces manual wound measurement through a wound camera app
  • Ensures consistent wound measurement across healing time
  • Streamlines acquisition of wound photos pre- and post-debridement
  • Reduces time for wound imaging and measurement
  • Reduces time for post-debridement
  • Enhances HIPAA compliance

Proven Results

Healogics Photo+ has made demonstrable improvements over manual wound capture methods.

Reduced wound imaging and measurement time
Reduced post-debridement time

Track wound size with the Healogics Photo+ camera app.

See how Healogics Photo+ improves outcomes and patient satisfaction by automating wound measurement.

Narrator: Assessing and documenting wound status with paper rulers and point and shoot cameras, can result in inconsistent documentation, inefficient use of time to manually enter results, and the need to provide status updates in person.

Ultimately, the patient interaction is rushed, wound measurements are inconsistent, and the status of the wound healing process can be difficult to ascertain.

Now, Healogics® brings a solution to streamline documentation, and ensure consistency throughout the wound treatment process directly to the point of care delivery.

Doctor: I have the best tools literally in the palm of my hand. I get more consistent and accurate wound measurements when measuring the actual area of the wound, and the information is instantly uploaded. And I know that my whole care team has easy access to the information they need in order to provide the best care.

Narrator: Chronic wound care is complex and patients can often feel confused and overwhelmed because they don’t have a clear view of their treatment and progress. This becomes a factor in less favorable outcomes, as patients who aren’t actively engaged, tend to have a decreased level of adherence to recommended treatment.

Patient: When you look at your wound every day, you don’t realize how far you’ve come. Today I got to see a graph showing me where I am in the healing process, and photos of how my wound has progressed. It’s easy to get discouraged when you have a wound that is slow to heal. But now I realize I’m part of the team that’s helping me heal.


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