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We improve patients’ lives through research.

If you suffer from a chronic wound, you know how much it can negatively affect your quality of life. Our Wound Science Initiative is about taking action to develop the best wound care practices available, so we can provide patients with relief from the stress and pain of a non-healing wound. We will continue our wound care research in order to discover better and better treatment options.

  • More Data, More Knowledge

    The more wounds we study, the more we learn about how ulcers begin, and how they transform into wounds.

  • Partnerships for Increased Insight

    Through our partnerships with academic and scientific leaders, we apply outside research to our own observations, which helps us better understand why certain treatments work and others don’t.

  • Working Toward Wound Prevention

    While advances in wound care have benefitted millions of patients, our vision is that one day, we will be able to predict and prevent ulcers before they have a chance to become a chronic wound.

Through wound science and research, we are helping to heal more wounds.

Healogics will continue to advance the science of wound care with research on the risk of chronic wounds, the effect of nutrition on wounds and wound healing technologies.


Story of Healing: Jimmy Hammonds

Patient Story

"I felt very helpless and I was terrified of losing my foot."

Jimmy Hammonds was at risk of losing his leg. His wound care team used hyperbaric oxygen therapy to heal his diabetic foot ulcer and get him back to the life he loved.