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Advanced wound care benefits your patients and your facility.

The continuity of care we provide benefits long-term care facilities in two important ways. First, patients receive the best wound care available in your facility, which advances patient access to healthcare services and helps you manage costs. Second, it facilitates coordination between the facility and the hospital during transitions of care for chronic wound patients. Hospitals feel more comfortable when discharging patients with chronic wounds to facilities that maintain the highest quality of wound care.


The Healogics approach to integrated wound care puts your patients at the center of the care continuum.


Integrated care begins in the setting of initial diagnosis.

At initial diagnosis, whether skilled nursing, inpatient or outpatient, highly trained Healogics wound care specialists begin a treatment process that promotes consistency across care settings.

Physicians are accountable for care across settings.

A unique care plan for each patient guides wound care across all care settings, with the local care team working to ensure seamless uniformity during and after transitions.

Integrated care increases patient satisfaction.

For patients in the skilled nursing facility, Healogics care can help to minimize hospital readmissions. Patients can receive the right care, at the right time.

Evidence-based best practices govern wound care consistency.

Every Healogics Specialty Physician in the community is trained in the same clinical practice guidelines, ensuring care quality and efficiency throughout the care continuum.

Skilled nursing facilities

We have treatment privileges at 300+ skilled nursing facilities, and treat patients at more than 600 outpatient locations.

Patient admissions treated annually

Each year, we treat more than 300,000 patient admissions through the Healogics network, resulting in more than three million patient encounters.


Healogics partners with more than 10,000 affiliates, including nearly 300 highly trained physicians and advanced practitioners, plus a network of approximately 4,000 panel physicians.

Comprehensive healing rate

Using a modified intent-to-treat framework, this healing rate takes into account all outcomes, making it the most standardized and transparent comparison figure, and the best metric to compare across venues.

Our Partners

We partner with 300+ skilled nursing facilities across the U.S.

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Patient-Centered Wound Care – Findings from a Survey: Physician Perspectives on Wound Care

Patient-Centered Wound Care – Findings from a Survey: Physician Perspectives on Wound Care

Healogics researchers partnered with Dr. Alexandra Nowakowski, a leading patient advocate and medical researcher at Florida State University’s College of Medicine, to investigate physician perceptions of wound care. Healogics physicians were recruited to participate in an anonymous nine-question survey focused on their experiences and perceptions of wound care and wounded patients. The questions focused on patient attributes that influence positive or negative wound outcomes, patient impacts on physicians’ care plan and physicians’ perspective of patient-centered wound care.

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