Healogics at a Glance

Our mission is to advance wound healing by creating and sharing our wound expertise, everywhere we can, for every patient who would benefit, by the best means available.

patient admissions treated annually

Each year, we treat more than 330,000 patient admissions through the Healogics network.


Healogics partners with more than 10,000 affiliates, including nearly 4,000 providers.

Wound Care Centers

We have more than 600 Wound Care Centers that provide a wide variety of outpatient treatment techniques.

comprehensive healing rate

A comprehensive healing rate takes into account all outcomes, making it the best metric to compare with other providers.

We offer advanced treatments for patients with chronic wounds.

If standard treatments are not healing your wound, Healogics specialty providers can turn to a variety of advanced treatments, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy, total contact casting, negative pressure wound therapy, and cellular and tissue-based products. Find a location near you to learn about the advanced wound care treatments available.

Our research is one reason we lead the industry.

The Healogics Wound Science Initiative is our commitment to continual chronic wound research. We will not rest in our mission to develop techniques that can heal every chronic wound quickly and painlessly. Our database is one of the largest of its kind in the nation. We regularly study this data to discover better ways to heal wounds.


Paperwork and tablet with graphs and charts
The Joint Commission National Quality Approval Seal

Healogics has earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval.