Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

HBOT is used to treat some medical conditions. The treatment takes place in a chamber that you can see out of. Your doctor will evaluate your wound and decide if hyperbaric wound care is for you.

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Diabetes and Foot Ulcers

Diabetes is a chronic disease. It requires medical attention. The patient must also manage the disease. You may get a wound that may not heal. A wound may not heal from infection, poor blood flow and problem with nerves. These symptoms take time to notice.

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Vascular Disease

Controlling Swelling with Compression Stockings

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Malignant and Atypical Wounds

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Story of Healing: James Berry

Patient Story

"I believed it was going to work. After 28 treatments, my open wound had closed. The doctor was happy and I’m very happy."

James Berry, a grandfather and husband of more than 50 years, overcomes septic arthritis to save one leg and keep enjoying retirement with his wife.