Wound Care in the African American Community


In our recent study, we analyzed chronic wounds from 480 clinics to evaluate the association between wound healing performance, continuity and quality of care, as well as sociodemographic factors over the course of 12 weeks. The goal was to evaluate the connection between wound healing performance and those requiring wound care treatment across these clinics. Overall, better care continuity appeared to have a greater beneficial effect in disadvantaged populations. But we found there was a greater marginal effect when the proportion of African American residents was more significant. This can take an emotional toll on those living with nonhealing wounds and have devastating consequences.  

Heart disease and diabetes are common diagnoses many African Americans are living with daily. These conditions increase the risk of chronic wounds developing. High blood pressure and heart disease cause extra stress on the arteries and veins initiating the formation of plaque. Over time the chance of peripheral artery disease may develop. Plaque build-up, compounded with narrowing or blockage of the blood vessels in the legs can eventually lead to painful sores breaking through the skin. Diabetes can also lead to diabetic foot ulcers and if left unattended, amputation. Hospitalization rates of African Americans nearly double for lower limb amputations.

To mitigate these findings, Healogics is committed to improving patient experiences as well as healing outcomes by: 

  • Providing educational tools to providers so wounds can be identified and treated earlier
  • Educating patients and their caregivers with easy-to-read information regarding wound care
  • Empowering patients to ask questions about their chronic diseases so they have the tools needed to manage their care

Click here for more information about the common types of chronic wounds and to review valuable resources related to treatment options. Read more about our Wound Science Initiative research here. 

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