Charles’ Healing Journey with Healogics


Living with diabetes brings many challenges and added risks, including increased chances of developing a non-healing foot wound called a diabetic foot ulcer. This type of non-healing foot wound is a leading cause of diabetes-related amputations.

When Charles Hoehn, a retired US Marine, developed a blister on his right foot caused by an improperly fitting insole, he was unaware of the risks. The blister was not healing because of his type 2 diabetes, and it became a chronic wound with an infection that spread to his bone. Charles tried treatments to heal the wound with no results. His doctor feared that Charles might lose his leg. Hoping to prevent amputation, his doctor sent him to a Healogics Wound Care Center.®

The team at the Center developed a treatment plan for Charles that included hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). HBOT is a treatment that increases the amount of oxygen blood cells can carry and helps the healing process. Patients lie inside a clear-sided chamber filled with 100% oxygen, pressurized to greater than sea-level pressure. Learn more about HBOT here.

During his treatments at the Center, Charles grew very close to the staff. He shared his love for John Wayne movies with the HBO Techs and now considers them a part of his family. Although he was unfamiliar with HBOT in the beginning, he is now confident in the treatment after witnessing his healing transformation.

Charles and his wife, Judy, are now able to live life to the fullest. Charles can cut the grass again and help Judy plant flowers in their garden. They enjoy taking vacations together, knowing that Charles’ wound is healed and his leg was saved.