Our Wound Science Initiative benefits product manufacturers and suppliers.

Our most effective suppliers are, like Healogics, committed to a continual search for better treatments. By partnering with us on commissioned research projects that tap our HIPAA-compliant, deidentified data, suppliers can see how their products fare in targeted populations in longitudinal studies.

Taking Advantage of Big Data

We have accumulated the nation’s largest wound care database. The more wounds we study, the more we learn about the effectiveness of specific supplies.

Commissioned Projects by Experts

Our research services team includes data scientists, clinical researchers, biomedical engineers and population health experts, which establishes a foundation of credibility to all of our studies.

Accelerate the Speed of Learning

Our Wound Science Initiative helps our suppliers more quickly understand why some supplies are more effective than others.

Through data-driven research, we are healing more wounds and reducing waste.

Established in 2017, the Healogics Wound Science Initiative has resulted in the publication of Healogics white papers, research briefs and multiple peer-reviewed manuscripts, educational webinars, partnerships with leading advocacy organizations and collaborations with academic organizations on ground-breaking research projects. By collecting and studying massive amounts of wound data, we are improving patient outcomes and reducing waste and cost.


“Our Wound Science Initiative takes advantage of the confluence of three macro trends: availability of more and diversified data across the continuum, new technology platforms that enable real-time data gathering and sharing and predictive analytics tools that promise to reduce waste and improve patient outcomes.”

William Ennis, DO, MBA, FACOS
Chief Medical Officer