Measuring Your Potential For Success

Calcutta℠ Benchmarking Services

Whether you’re offering wound care as a new service line, or have been doing so for years, it can be a daunting task to know if you’re excelling in your efforts. Understanding where you stand against other hospitals in your weight class can provide insight into your own program’s strategy and stimulate future quality improvement measures.  

At Healogics®, we believe not only in the science of healing wounds, but in the data that defines our best practices. Our trusted, consistent approach relies on the data we’ve cultivated from healing over 4 million wounds at more than 600 of our Wound Care Centers® nationwide.  

To better understand this data, we offer our Calcutta℠ benchmarking services to assess key clinical and financial data about our Centers and identify opportunities that can improve their overall performance. Our benchmark managment tool is patented. 

In short, our Calcuttaservices are the first of their kind in our industry that uses proprietary data from the largest wound care database in the world, to provide a simple improvement action plan, guaranteed to help drive economic growth and value for our partners.  

Easier Than It Seems

Knowing that a hospital executive’s time is valuable and limited, we designed our Calcutta℠ services to easily identify gaps in a wound care program, and to produce a Calcutta℠ report that explains such gaps and quickly develops an actionable improvement plan – sometimes in under an hour. 

The beauty of a Calcutta℠ report is its ability to be easily read and interpreted by executives and analysts alike. In one simple chart, your team can quickly review operational, clinical and financial metrics, all which are benchmarked against our network of Wound Care Centers® 

Think of our Calcutta℠ services as your primary stop to determining the health of your hospital’s Wound Care Center® facility.

  • Are your patients healing?
  • Are you staffing your Center properly?
  • Is your Center profitable? 

Connecting Partners and Value

When applied correctly, our Centers can make unique comparisons against any other hospital in the country, all based on their unique demographic attributes. 

Combine that with our patent-pending priority techniques and our scoring through Calcutta℠ services, and we’re able to discuss more precise projections with our partners that evolve into action-oriented plans focused on data and science, not subjective industry views or opinions. 

Access Your Own Hospital’s Potential

Implementing a benchmarking process is critical to the health of your wound care program and business. If you’d like to see where your hospital stands against our national benchmarks, we invite you to experience our Calcutta℠ services first-hand, in your own personalized Calcutta℠ business case analysis. Come see for yourself why Healogics is the nation’s #1 trusted partner for advanced wound care services.

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