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Data and Research Request

  Welcome to Healogics Data and Research. Healogics is home to the i-heal® database, the largest source of clinical wound care data in the United States, with information on more than two million wounds seen at our Wound Care Centers®. Healogics utilizes the information contained in the database to support our objectives to:  
  • Consistently provide a differential clinical outcome
  • Provide value and insight to our hospital providers
  • Raise awareness to the chronic wound problem and reaching all patients in need
  • Engage with and educate our clinicians and wound care personnel
  • Advance and improve the field of advanced wound care
  Our aim is to use data to improve patient outcomes and advance the field of wound science. Healogics accepts proposals for data and research partnerships. We do not currently participate in clinical trials, but we do accept requests for potential future partnerships. All requests will be evaluated based on feasibility, resource requirements, innovation, and potential impact on improving patient care. To submit your project for review, select the appropriate link below and complete the request form. Please see the FAQs below for additional details.  

Have questions or need additional information? Check out our FAQ below or contact
  1. What type of analytic projects does Healogics support?  
    Healogics supports data and analytic projects that align with our mission of improving patient outcomes through the advancement of wound science (about Healogics). As such, we accept requests from employees, academic institutions, independent researchers and private companies. Healogics primarily partners on retrospective observational analytic projects and does not currently participate in clinical trials or product evaluations.    
  2. How many wounds are contained within the i-heal database?  
    The i-heal database contains data from nearly 800 Wound Care Centers on more than one million patients and three million wounds from 2008 to present.    
  3. How can I access i-heal wound care data or partner with Healogics on analytic projects?  
    Please submit a request form found here. We will contact you with details around your request.    
  4. I submitted a request, but have not yet received a determination. When can I expect to hear back?  
    All data and analytic partnership requests are assessed by a corporate advisory board. The advisory board meets on a quarterly basis to review projects. You should receive a status update within two weeks of your submission which will include your projects review date.     
  5. How are data and analytic requests evaluated?  
    All requests are reviewed on a quarterly basis by the Healogics corporate advisory board. Projects are assessed based on their alignment with the Healogics mission and organizational objectives. Additionally, projects are evaluated based on resource utilization feasability, and potintial impact on patient care..    
  6. Who should I contact with additional questions?  
    If you have additional questions or comments, please contact    
  7. I am a Healogics employee and I have been asked to participate in a research project. What do I do?  
    Please review the Healogics Research Policy found here. All employee requests for research projects should be submitted through the data and research requests form.