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Program Director

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Responsible for implementation, ongoing management and strategic growth of the program: outpatient Wound Care Center, HBO, inpatient and outreach. Oversees day to day program operations and is responsible for budgeting, revenue and cost management, reimbursement, quality management, performance improvement, marketing and community education, and human resource management. Responsible for maintaining collaborative and consultative client relationships, program integration within the hospital organization and creating effective working relationships within the company and internal and external to the hospital organization and, ultimately contract retention.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provides day to day management oversight for outpatient clinic, HBO and other wound continuum sites of care which may include inpatient and outreach. Utilizes Company's resources to develop and implement customized policies and procedures. Continuously analyzes systems and processes; develops and implements best practices and appropriate changes to improve outcomes in a timely manner.
  • Manages and/or coordinates all aspects of the revenue cycle including: inquiry conversion, scheduling, registration, treatment authorization, documentation, coding, charge entry, billing, collections and, denial processes. Implements audit and reconciliation processes to ensure accuracy.
  • Develops, implements and consistently executes a marketing and community education plan. Works collaboratively with the hospital to coordinate market specific activities.
  • Recruits, interviews, hires and manages personnel in conjunction with the company/hospital's Human Resources Department. Establishes performance expectations, provides regular feedback and consistently manages to these expectations. Completes performance appraisals, promotes staff development activities, utilizes performance improvement procedures as necessary, and adheres to the hospital/company policies and procedures. Develops an effective team, motivates and influences staff to excel.
  • Collaborates with Clinical Coordinator and Medical Director to develop, implement and manage a continuous Performance Improvement Program (PIP). Ensures program is integrated into the client facility's PIP program. Participates in hospital committees as appropriate. Ensures timely and accurate documentation in the patient record and input of data into outcomes database. Ensures appropriate compliance with Clinical Practice Guidelines.
  • Maintains excellent relationship with hospital client and continuously seeks to understand needs, confirm goal alignment and demonstrate value proposition. Identifies the hospital strategic goals and objectives and manages the program to achieve those goals. Integrates effectively and seamlessly at all levels within the client organization.


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