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The Healogics Difference

Healogics Difference

Healogics is the nation’s leading wound care management company, providing high-quality wound care and consulting services to nearly 800 hospitals across the United States. Member hospitals have access to advanced healing technologies including hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) management. Our Healogics hospital network partners include many well-regarded academic medical centers and hospital systems.
Healogics has the expertise, experience and resources to assure the clinical and financial success of member hospitals’ Wound Care Centers®.

Partnering with Healogics offers many advantages:

  • A physician-driven, multi-disciplinary methodology
  • Unmatched specialized training for physicians, clinicians and operational team members
  • A network of wound care specialists to assist with challenging cases
  • The world’s largest accumulation of wound data, i-heal®
  • Comprehensive and proven Clinical Practice Guidelines for chronic wound treatment
  • Recruitment of physicians as well as Center staff
  • The largest reimbursement support in the industry
  • Community education programs
  • Excellent wound healing and patient satisfaction rates
  • Purchase and maintenance of hyperbaric oxygen chambers and other advanced wound care technology

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