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Vendor Information and Resources

Wound care medical supplies and products play an integral role in the successful treatment of and outcomes for the patients at the Wound Care Centers® (“Centers”).  Hospital partners maintain control of actual product and technology selection for use in their WCC.  Healogics does not endorse any specific brand of wound care product, technology or supplies.  Healogics strives to treat each wound care supplies vendor and representative of these product and service entities fairly and professionally.  Healogics is vendor neutral. 
Healogics has created this updated “Vendor Code of Conduct” to reinforce the guidelines and procedures for continued interactions between the product/supply vendor and Healogics personnel in Centers.  We ask that any wound care supplies vendor doing business in a Healogics center:
1.      Become familiar and abide by the code when at a Healogics center.
2.      Train their staff on the code. 
3.      Sign the Healogics Vendor Code of Conduct Acknowledgement and Receipt form

Vendor Policy

Vendor Code of Conduct

Healogics Vendor Code of Conduct Acknowledgement and Receipt Form