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Dear Colleagues,
We know you have a choice when deciding where to direct your talent and abilities, and we appreciate that you have chosen to work with Healogics to provide best-in-class care to our patients. Our company is dedicated to doing the right thing every day, in everything we do, and with every patient we serve. The care you provide to patients makes a lasting difference in their quality of life. You are vital to maintaining Healogics’ culture of compliance. This Code of Conduct and Ethics is designed to promote our dedication to this culture of compliance and to provide you with guidelines on how to do your job in a manner in keeping with our ethical principles. You are expected to review this Code and perform your job functions in accordance with the requirements in this Code, Healogics’ policies and procedures, federal health care program requirements, and all laws and regulations.
We are also committed to addressing all identified compliance concerns and providing you with mechanisms to report your compliance concerns to us. You are expected to report any suspected violations of federal health care program requirements, violations of Healogics’ policies and procedures, and violations of this Code. You may report these concerns through our anonymous compliance hotline at 888.999.9460, emailing us at, or completing the reporting form available at Company policy prohibits retaliation against anyone for reporting a compliance concern. Any violations of this policy must be reported.
You play a part in this, and we thank you for doing your part to ensure Healogics operates ethical and compliant workplaces. We ask you to lead by example. Be proactive and ask questions when you do not know the answer. Promptly report problems or concerns about unethical or inappropriate conduct to the Compliance Department.

David Bassin, Chief Executive Officer
Kelly Priegnitz, Chief Compliance Officer