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Dear Colleague:
Thank you for being part of the Healogics family. We know that you have a choice about who you affiliate with and where and how you direct your talents and abilities. The care you provide each day makes a difference in the lives of our patients. A culture based on ethics and integrity is at the heart of Healogics’s values. Our vision and mission to help every patient who would benefit from our knowledge and skills is built on the foundation of doing the right thing at all times and in full compliance with all applicable laws, government regulations, third-party payor requirements, and our own policies.
Another part of Healogics’s commitment to ethics and integrity is to make sure that every employee has the ability to express any concerns or complaints. We do this through our compliance disclosure program. You are required to report any compliance concern as soon as you know about the issue. You can make your concern known by calling Healogics’s Compliance Hotline at 888.999.9460, sending an email to, or reporting online at You may also directly contact a member of the Compliance Team.  Reports may be made anonymously, either online or by phone. The reporting process has been set up to maintain the caller’s anonymity up to the limits of the law.
Retaliation or retribution against any employee who reports concerns to the Hotline is against Healogics policy. Concerns about such action should immediately be reported using the above-noted reporting mechanisms.
Our Code of Conduct and Ethics promotes our commitment to our values and provides tools and knowledge you need to do your job in an ethically-sound and honest manner. Please take a few moments to read and understand the contents of this Code of Conduct and Ethics booklet. It is applicable to all aspects of our business and is an essential part of our commitment to quality care, customer service, and an ethical culture.
The Board of Directors and senior executives of Healogics join us in pledging our full commitment to a culture of ethics and integrity. We are committed to our essential values of upholding the Code of Conduct and Ethics and fully supporting our Compliance Program.

David Bassin, Chief Executive Officer
Kelly Priegnitz, Chief Compliance Officer