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Healogics Specialty Physicians

Healogics Specialty Physicians take the evidence-based wound care techniques utilized in Healogics Wound Care Centers throughout the country, and delivers them across the continuum of care.  Whether it be in an outpatient Wound Care Center or a skilled nursing facility, Healogics Specialty Physicians are there to provide excellent patient care.

Patient-centric solution

Traditionally, wound management in the long-term care setting was a wound-driven approach.  Healogics Specialty Physicians not only treat the wound, but the whole patient.  Specialized wound care is dynamic and varies from patient to patient depending upon a variety of factors.  Our physicians are highly trained in this strategic approach to wound care.  Healogics Specialty Physicians can help manage hard to heal wounds in your facility and improve clinical outcomes.

For more information about how Healogics Specialty Physicians can help heal more wounds in your facility, please call 1-844-602-0572.




To find out how Healogics Specialty Physicians can assist in your facility, please call 1-844-602-0572.