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After your surgery, you’ll need to know how to empty your pouch. This video has some helpful info:

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You can still do the activities you used to enjoy before your surgery. Want to know more about getting back into fitness? Try our booklet:

Reduce cancellations with automated text message appointment reminders for better outcomes.

On average, an 18% reduction in appointment cancellations was measured when Centers used a combination of Healogics text appointment reminders and follow-up phone calls. Training on this workflow process is included in the Patient Engagement tool, which is key to Center adoption. We measured a 50% average response rate for text messages, reducing the number of patients requiring a personal phone call.

Improve the patient experience by ensuring patients feel heard.

At three distinct points during the patient journey (following the first visit, the fifth visit and discharge), we ask our patients how they are doing and how we can improve. This process enables patients to feel heard and equips Healogics staff to react before the patient’s next appointment, improving the experience for both current and future patients.

Proven Results

Patient Engagement tools help significantly more patients keep their appointments and stay involved in their own care.

Reduction in appointment cancellations at one Center
Average reduction in appointment cancellations across multiple Centers
Response rate through text messages