What to Expect at Your Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Appointment

Narrator: So, your physician has prescribed hyperbaric oxygen therapy for you. We’re excited because your beginning one of the best, most advanced treatment options available. The research has show that hyperbaric oxygen therapy, or HBO therapy, may help you heal better and faster, and offers proven results for many types of problems and chronic wounds.

Typically, HBO therapy is given daily with the number of treatments determined by your specific diagnoses. Each treatment lasts about ninety minutes. By now, your provider has already worked with you to determine your individual HBO therapy treatment plan.

As you will find, the Hyperbaric chamber itself is very comfortable and quiet with clear sides and a soft bed. Many chambers are equipped with TV screens above them, so you can watch your favorite TV shows or movies during treatment. Some people actually prefer to take a nap during therapy. The inside of the chamber warms a little as the oxygen enters, but it’s always quite comfortable.

You may experience fullness in your ears while you’re in the chamber, sort of like being in the pressurized atmosphere of an airplane. Swallowing or yawning can help with this sensation.

Your vision may temporarily change, but should return to normal after the course of therapy is completed. Because any slight change is temporary, don’t adjust your eye prescription or eyewear during the course of therapy.

In the chamber, you will wear a 100% cotton garment provided by the center. To allow time for change and prepare for treatment, you should plan to arrive 20-25 minutes before you appointment.

The staff at the wound care center can answer any questions about the best way you can prepare for your HBO therapy.

For your safety, some items may not be taken into the hyperbaric chamber. Your hyperbaric technician will review these with you before you treatment begins.

It’s important to know that over the course of your therapy, you should not use any tobacco products whatsoever. Tobacco constricts blood vessels and prolongs, or even prevents, healing.

Your course of treatment depends on your condition and your response to therapy. Typically you will receive one treatment a day Monday through Friday. Your doctor will tell you if you need more than one treatment per day.

If you have any questions about your therapy, talk to your wound care center team or your physician. We’re here to help.

Research shows that HBO therapy may help you heal faster, and offers proven results for many types of problem and chronic wounds. Learn more about hyperbaric oxygen therapy and what to expect at your appointment.