Let’s Talk About Foot Health and Chronic Wounds

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Quick Facts

  • 6.7 million Americans are living with a chronic wound
  • Over 2 million people currently have a diabetic foot ulcer
  • An estimated 15% of diabetics with a foot ulcer will require an amputation
  • Up to 70% of diabetic individuals experience diabetic neuropathy
  • Up to 25% of all diabetics will develop a foot ulcer in their lifetime
  • Once amputation occurs, 50% of patient will develop an ulcer in the opposite limb within 5 years
  • 5 years post amputation the mortality rate is 50%
  • Foot ulcers precede 80% of non-traumatic lower extremity amputations

Are your feet at risk of a chronic wound?

  • Neuropathy (loss of feeling in the foot)
  • Deformity of the foot
  • History of foot ulceration
  • Absent or diminished pulses
  • Prior amputation

Prevention and Intervention Are Key

  • Check your feet regularly for red spots, cuts, swelling or blisters.
  • Take your socks off at your next check-up, and tell your doctor about any problems with your feet.

Chronic wounds on the feet do not have to lead to an amputation.

If you or someone you love is experiencing a non-healing wound, find a Wound Care Center® near you.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention