Meet Veronica Lau, Healogics Area Vice President

What is the greatest reward of working at Healogics?

Healogics allows me to put our patients first. We have been instilled to ask the question, “What is best for our patients” and/or “What can we do to help our patients.” In this day and age in healthcare it’s so rewarding to have a company that encourages this type of thinking. The reward that is achieved with this mutual thinking is that we do change and make the impact in our patients lives. Just imagine having a patient come to you and tell you that you are their last hope before an amputation. And then fast forward a few months later and that patient is walking out of the Wound Care Center with all limbs intact! What a rewarding feeling.

How does Healogics support your career development?

I have been very fortunate to have had leadership throughout my career in Healogics that have supported my growth as well as providing me opportunities to assist my peers. This has included participation in adhoc committees for PD retention, HBO Tech training, Regional Trainer to most recently my promotion to AVP. My SVP Sandie Black told me early on that I needed to share my talents and expertise with others and that becoming an AVP would allow me to do so.

What made you decide to come to Healogics?

I had left healthcare as I needed a break but missed it so much that I needed to get back in. A recruiter reached out to me to tell me about this magnificent opportunity to get back into healthcare in a position where I would have a lot of interaction with patients and it would be in growing segment of healthcare. 18 years later it has been one of the best decisions in my career!