Our wound care experience benefits our partners.

With over 20 years of experience, Healogics focuses solely on wound care, bringing experience and efficiencies that benefit our provider partners through increased healing rates, improved patient and staff satisfaction, expanded capacity to treat patients and reduced costs.

Patient admissions treated annually

Each year, we treat more than 300,000 patient admissions through the Healogics network, resulting in more than three million patient encounters.


Healogics partners with more than 10,000 affiliates, including nearly 4,000 providers.

Wound Care Centers®

We treat patients in more than 600 locations. We also have privileges to treat patients in an additional 300+ skilled nursing facilities.

Comprehensive healing rate

Using a modified intent-to-treat framework, this healing rate takes into account all outcomes, making it the most standardized and transparent comparison figure, and the best metric to compare across venues.

We are committed to ongoing research.

We maintain a research database that now contains data on more than 5 million wounds, which provides feedback that continually improves our techniques and healing rates. By leveraging this database and partnering with academic and scientific leaders, the Healogics Wound Science Initiative advances the science, awareness and practice of wound care through research, technology and collaboration.


Our approach to wound care management keeps our company and our partners strong.

Our success with patients is rooted in comprehensive company management that attends equally to people, process and technology.


Wound care work is both important and challenging. We find the most dedicated people and provide extensive training and support to maximize their confidence, competence and satisfaction. Meet our team or learn more about working for Healogics.


The deliberate steps of our Patient Care Process and Clinical Practice Guidelines are designed to improve healing, increase capacity and improve productivity. As a result, our patients and staff are more satisfied, too.


We invest in sophisticated treatment tools and equipment, including a robust platform to manage our Wound Science Initiative and a proprietary patient management software system called WoundSuite.

Smiling physician with arms folded

Meet our team of dedicated leaders.

Our company leaders are passionate about advancing the science of wound care, healing more patients every year, and supporting the thousands of people who have dedicated their careers to our mission.


Our advanced wound care solutions are customized for your needs.

From basic consulting to fully managed centers, we partner with hospitals and skilled nursing facilities to provide customized specialty wound care services for your patient population.


Wound Care Center map point Wound Care Center
Skilled nursing facility map point Skilled Nursing Facility

U.S. map of Wound Care Centers and skilled nursing facilities
The Joint Commission National Quality Approval Seal

Healogics has earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval.