Patient Testimonials

"I would like to thank you for the superb and effective treatment you have given me over the last few weeks.
The transformation of my legs has been truly amazing and your positive, friendly and professional attitude has improved my morale enormously. Having suffered with my legs for so long and for so much to have been achieved in such a short period of time is a great testament to your service.
On a personal note is was refreshing to find such a positive group of people, who exuded an air of confidence that they could and would make a significant improvement to my condition.
My wife and I were always made to feel welcome by everyone connected to your business. It was a truly uplifting experience meeting you all and has made such a difference to my life."

 Patient at Horsham Wound Healing Centre

"Having suffered since June with no help from my surgery nurse and having to improvise with dressings, this clinic has been fantastic.  After only 3 weeks there was improvement and I am extremely grateful to them."
Patient at Horsham Wound Healing Centre

"Excellent service from all staff."
Patient at Horsham Wound Healing Centre
"So pleased with everything, restored my confidence and made me comfortable.  My sincere thanks."  
Patient at Eastbourne Wound Healing Centre

"We can only say the service you have given my husband is excellent. Thank you so much."
Patient at Eastbourne Wound Healing Centre
"I have suffered with leg ulcers for 44 years - since I was 32 years old. I have received various treatment ranging from injections to weekly dressing from my Practice and District Nurses. I was told not to get my leg ulcers wet as this would cause them to spread to other parts of the leg. I now know this is not correct and bathing the affected area is for this this condition.
Since being referred to Healogics, my leg ulcers have been managed with so much success that one leg is now virtually healed and the other is looking very clean and free from infection.
I cannot speak highly enough of the care and expertise and friendliness of all the staff."

Patient at Horsham Wound Healing Centre
"My sincere thanks for the way I was treated at your Eastbourne Wound healing Centre. From the opening of the door and the greeting of your receptionist, to all the trained staff who treated my ulcerated legs. Everyone I met showed care, consideration, compassion and above all dedication.
Over the 5 weeks from initial assessment to discharge you improved my quality of life and made me feel so much better. I still cannot believe it, as it appears like a miracle after previous treatment of 6 months prior to be referred to you, had shown no sign of improvement."

Patient at Eastbourne Wound Healing Centre. 
"Thank you for everything you have done to put this guy back together. Thanks to you I can now look forward to a fun, action packed summer.  What more can I say other than ‘Thanks for being there’ I am sure many have said the same and will in the future."
Patient at Haywards Heath Centre