What We Do

Over 2 Million Wounds Treated
  • Healogics is the largest provider of advanced wound care services in the USA. In the UK, Healogics provides tailored solutions to fit with the particular needs of the local area, offering convenient wound healing centres, a mobile wound healing clinic, tele-health and specialist staff to provide services in residential care settings.

Experts in Chronic Wound Healing
  • Using an evidence-based systematic approach to chronic wound healing, Healogics provides specialty wound care for an underserved and growing patient population.

Hundreds of Wound Care Centres in the US
  • Healogics and its affiliated companies manage nearly 800 Wound Care Centres® in the USA and see nearly 300,000 patients per year.

How We Do It

World-Class Research
  • Healogics maintains the largest database of wounds in the world, serving as a resource for wound care research and development of proven Clinical Practice Guidelines.

Collaboration of Care
  • Through advanced wound healing techniques, Healogics Clinicians work hand-in-hand with NHS Clinicians to develop a comprehensive care plan for patients with chronic wounds.

Patients Heal Faster
  • The result: patients who receive specialty care heal faster than those who receive traditional wound care.