Healogics Wound Healing Centre, Sutton Coldfield - Private Patients

Healogics Wound Healing Centres have recently opened a new private Wound Healing Centre in Sutton Coldfield. Conveniently located in The Oakley Partnership in Mere Green, the new Centre offers specialised wound healing services to people suffering with hard to heal wounds.
  Healogics are a specialised wound healing organisation with an established reputation for improved healing rates of chronic wounds. Our success is based on adhering to evidence based clinical pathways. We use our expertise to improve outcomes and to heal wounds quickly; changing the lives of patients and their families.
Our healing rates speak for themselves. In our Wound Healing Centres in Sussex we have seen healing rates of 96% in 10 weeks for people we have treated with venous leg ulcers. Our patient satisfaction levels averaged 95% in 2014.

Julie Stanton, our Associate Clinical Director, will be the lead clinician in our Sutton Coldfield Centre. Julie has 20 years’ experience locally as a Tissue Viability Nurse, Lead Consultant. “Many patients come to us with wounds which they have endured for more than 3 years. We have seen incredible healing rates, especially for those patients with venous leg ulcers. We achieve this by treating patients in line with evidence based leg ulcer management protocols. Our clinicians are trained to deliver the protocols and work solely in the field of wound healing.  As an organisation we feel that the key to successful outcomes is ensuring the patient is given adequate time and continuity of expert practitioners”. 

Our results indicate a high level of patient satisfaction. We have many patients who have been delighted with our service. 

For more information, advice or to make an appointment, please contact our centre.

Tel: 0121 285 1039
email: birmingham.clinic@healogics.com
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