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Healogics Wins Aetna Workplace Wellness Award

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.--July 5, 2018 (PRNewswire)--Healogics, the wound healing experts, is proud to be one of 18 customers in Aetna's Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions to receive the 2018 Workplace Wellness Award. This award was given based on existing workplace wellness programs.

"The health and wellbeing of our employees is extremely important. By providing a comprehensive wellness program, we hope to encourage our employees to make themselves a priority," said Lynn Merritt, Healogics Chief HR Officer. "Healogics has the unique challenge of reaching team members in more than 700 different locations across the country, but we are always working on new ways to reach those farthest away from our home base in Jacksonville. We are continually striving to evolve our existing wellness offerings and are excited for all of the updates in the coming year."

Depending on location and availability, Healogics offers its employees complimentary in-house fitness classes, prizes for participation in wellness challenges, personal finance classes, biometric wellness screenings, annual flu shots, health fairs, sports leagues, healthy snacks and more.

Aetna customers in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and Washington D.C. that have more than 100 employees and have already established wellness programs in place were eligible for the awards. The winners were chosen based on combined scores from the Aetna Worksite Awards application and the Health and Well-being Best Practices Scorecard in Collaboration with Mercer© (HERO scorecard), an industry-leading tool that assesses organizational wellness programs.

Aetna customers can be recognized for three award levels—gold, silver or bronze–based on their overall scores. Healogics is proud to have taken home a silver award this year!

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