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2018 Wound Care Awareness State Proclamations

Wound Care Awareness Week 2018

We appreciate the support of the states and municipalities listed below for declaring
June 4-8, 2018 Wound Care Awareness Week.

Their commitment to helping raise awareness of chronic wounds help residents of their communities living with non-healing wounds. Through this effort, we can also help local physicians identify patients who may benefit from advanced wound care.

Alabama State Seal
Cullman, Alabama Seal
  • Alabama: City of Cullman Wound Care Awareness Proclamation 2018 Pending
Arizona State Seal
Arkansas State Seal
Arkansas State Seal
Delaware State Seal
  • Delaware Statement of Observance of Wound Care Awareness Week 2018 Pending
Bradenton, Florida Seal
Clearwater, Florida Seal
Georgia State Seal
Idaho State Seal
Illinois State Seal
Indiana State Seal
  • Indiana Wound Care Awareness State Proclamation 2018 Pending
Mishawaka, Indiana Seal
  • Indiana: City of Mishawaka Wound Care Awareness Proclamation 2018 Pending
Iowa State Seal
Kansas State Seal
Kentucky State Seal
Louisiana State Seal
Maryland State Seal
Massachusetts State Seal
  • Massachusetts Wound Care Awareness State Proclamation 2018 Pending
Michigan State Seal
Minnesota State Seal
Mississippi State Seal
Missouri State Seal
Montana State Seal
Nebraska State Seal
Nevada State Seal
New Hampshire State Seal
New Mexico State Seal
North Carolina State Seal
  • North Carolina Wound Care Awareness State Proclamation 2018 Pending
North Dakota State Seal
  • North Dakota Wound Care Awareness State Proclamation 2018 Pending
Cincinnati, Ohio Seal
Oklahoma State Seal
Rhode Island State Seal
South Carolina State Seal
Tennessee State Seal
Texas State Seal
Vermont State Seal
Washington D.C. Seal
Washington State Seal
West Virginia State Seal

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