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What is the greatest reward of working at Healogics?

It is always fantastic to see our patients heal; however, on a personal note, my reward has been having opportunities for growth, both professionally and intellectually. Thanks to this education, I have had the opportunity to develop my own enthusiasm for wound healing, which has brought with it opportunities for advancement and progression.

How does Healogics support your career development?

From a center level we have responsibilities to our patients, to give them what they need. To support this, all of the corporate departments and the field positions are designed to be weight-bearing for the individual wound care centers.

How would you describe the relationships formed with patients and families and the impact of your work?

They have been very rewarding, nothing has focused my effort or placed my responsibilities in perspective as much as following the care of the patients, meeting their families, and sharing in the challenges of treating their non-healing wounds.On top of that, the patients often have an outstanding outlook and perspective on life and I have gained inspiration and understanding from many patients throughout my career.

We're passionate about healing wounds and changing lives every day.

We train clinicians to provide the best tools and solutions for treating non-healing wounds.

There's great fulfillment in helping patients with chronic wounds.

There's opportunity to become part of something bigger.

Making a difference is part of our company culture.