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What is the greatest reward of working at Healogics?

Prior to arriving at our center many patients have been told there is no hope and they will need an amputation. They reach out to us often scared, but looking for another option and willing to fight. There is nothing more rewarding than hearing the words "you are healed" a month or so later to the same individual. It changes not only the patient's life but our lives as employees at the center as well.

What made you decide to come to Healogics?

I have been in health care my entire life, but most of the time it was in the final chapter of my patients' lives. I felt it an honor when someone chose me to be with them as they left this world and I would not have changed a moment of that time. I was ready for a change and really wanted to work with a company that would allow me to help patients change their lives for the positive and years to come. Healogics takes great pride in what they do and their processes work. Everyone I met had such a great passion for the work they did and I really wanted to be part of it. It was the best decision I ever made.

What are you most proud of in your work?

I take pride in every aspect of my job. It is not every job that you can say that you have a 98 percent success rate in what you do. If only every employer could offer the resources to enable their staff to be that successful at the service they provide.

We're passionate about healing wounds and changing lives every day.

We train clinicians to provide the best tools and solutions for treating non-healing wounds.

There's great fulfillment in helping patients with chronic wounds.

There's opportunity to become part of something bigger.

Making a difference is part of our company culture.