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What made you decide to come to Healogics?

The field of wound management and hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) was exciting and has been very gratifying in that we heal wounds, improve the quality of life for so many and keep expanding our field to provide the most advanced medicine/therapies available for our patients.

What is the greatest reward of working at Healogics?

Being part of an organization that focuses on the best outcomes for our patients and a company who looks at ongoing improvements in quality patient care! It is exciting to see a health care organization without access to advanced wound management evaluate the need, contract with Healogics and know they have added a valuable service to their community!

How does Healogics support your career development?

I was a program director for 11 years and with the addition of the support roles in early 2008, had an opportunity to promote into the AVP position — Healogics has provided the tools, support and resources I need to continually develop my skill set and challenge me to continue with learning and development opportunities. I feel empowered to deal with obstacles, take risks and learn from my mistakes without repercussions. This has enabled me to be a stronger leader, improve my coaching and mentoring skills and work toward that next level of management.

We're passionate about healing wounds and changing lives every day.

We train clinicians to provide the best tools and solutions for treating non-healing wounds.

There's great fulfillment in helping patients with chronic wounds.

There's opportunity to become part of something bigger.

Making a difference is part of our company culture.