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Jacksonville, Fla. (October 18, 2016) – Healogics, Inc. today announced a partnership with NLP Logix, an advanced analytics and machine learning data product and services company. The companies will work together to harness Healogics large data sets to create a model that will predict outcomes and develop treatment plans for patients suffering from chronic wounds.
More than 6.7 million[1] people are living with chronic wounds and approximately $50 billion[2] a year is spent in the United States (US) caring for these wounds. This is why Healogics has spent several years developing its proprietary wound care database, i-heal®, to track wound care patient data. The company has invested approximately $15 million in the past four years to hone its data collection and analysis so Healogics Wound Care Centers® can provide high quality, efficient care.
One output of this investment was the creation of an enterprise data warehouse with details on more than two million wounds. This warehouse led to an advanced analytics database with additional in-depth longitudinal clinical information which will support ongoing wound science research.
“Our investment in a robust data infrastructure and new partnership with NLP Logix are evidence of our commitment to furthering the science of wound care so we can fulfill our mission of healing as many patients as possible, by the best means available, everywhere we can,” said Healogics CEO Jeff Nelson.
“The combination of a national disease-specific dataset within a captive care setting, in this case Healogics Wound Care Centers, and an algorithmically-driven treatment strategy is unique in the American healthcare setting,” explained Dr. Donald Scott Covington, FACS, CHWS, Healogics chief medical officer during the Wound Care Big Data Summit hosted by the company at the National Institutes of Health last year in Bethesda, Md.

This new partnership positions Healogics as the clear leader in leveraging large data sets to develop models and tools that can help predict how a patient will progress through the wound healing process. These evolving tools will inform treatment decisions that will help to maximize outcomes and minimize overall costs.

“The NLP Logix team is excited to partner with Healogics on this important project. We believe the combination of the clinical data sets from Healogics and our expertise in machine learning and predictive analytics will deliver models and tools that will ultimately benefit patients and the health care system”, commented Ted Willich, NLP Logix CEO.


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